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Canada's Northern Strategy

Canadian Arctic Science and Technology

Science and technology form an important foundation for Canada's Northern Strategy and provide the knowledge necessary for sound policy and decision-making. Canada made one of the largest single contributions of any country to International Polar Year (IPY) 2007–2008, a global program dedicated to polar research. Aboriginal peoples and Northerners played a significant role in the planning, coordination and implementation of IPY and were actively engaged in science and research activities. Canada's IPY investments helped mobilize the participation of hundreds of new researchers, including 90 from Canada's North. Training the next generation of specialists is a key legacy of IPY, so that we can build on the world-class science being conducted today and secure expertise for the Arctic of tomorrow.

Through scientific collaboration with organizations such as the United Nations, World Meteorological Organization, International Maritime Organization and the Arctic Council, Canada is building the baseline of knowledge on the Arctic environment and forming important partnerships around the world.

To ensure Canada remains a global leader in Arctic science, the Government has committed funds for the Canadian High Arctic Research Station, which will provide a year-round world-class hub for science and technology in Canada's North.